Learning to Live with the Fear Monster

Fear... We all know that feeling. When you are about to try something new or put yourself out there at the risk of failing. It's funny how the unknown can scare us so much. We begin to doubt our abilities, "What if I'm not good enough?", "What if it doesn't work out?", "What if no one buys it?", "What if they don't like me?".  We have all had these thoughts before and when you really stop and think about it, how often have they ever come true? Yet we still spend many sleepless nights and devote a lot of time and energy to worrying about them

5 Mindsets That Are Holding You Back

It's easy to look at others and figure out what's keeping them from achieving their goals. It's a whole other thing to take an objective look at our own thoughts & actions and recognize when we might be our own worst enemy on the path to success. Here are 5 common mindsets that might be holding you back from what you are more than capable of achieving.

The Number 1 Mistake Businesses Are Making When it Comes to Facebook Advertising

So often I'll be scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and click on an ad out of curiosity. I'll land on a beautifully designed landing page but decide not to opt-in to their free offering. It just isn't right for me.

But then for the next week, I will keep seeing that same ad. 

This is where businesses are making a big mistake!

6 Steps to Determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Did you know that when someone lands on your website you have only 3 seconds to grab their attention?This means that you need to find a way to tell them what your business does and why it is right for them, IN ONLY 3 SECONDS!

So, are you up for a challenge that could drastically change how many website visitors you are converting into customers?

How to Create a Killer Online Sales Funnel that Brings In New Customers Automatically

How to Create a Killer Online Sales Funnel that Brings In New Customers Automatically

You started a business doing something you love but you didn't expect to spend so much time, or money trying to get new customers. Some days you feel more like a sales person or marketer. You wish you could spend less time selling and more time doing.So how can you get more customers without having to spend so much time selling?

The Difference Between Boosted Posts and using Facebook's Power Editor

What's the difference between boosting posts and using Facebook's Power Editor? We get this question a lot. As a Facebook page admin you are often prompted by Facebook to boost posts on your wall. But then there is Facebook's Power Editor. Which can seem a little daunting and confusing, especially if you are just starting out. So, is there really any benefit in using Facebook's Power Editor to create ads over boosting posts? What's the difference?

What You Can Learn From Richard Branson: Your Roadmap to Success

Who do you admire in the business world?

For me there is one person I admire more than any other: Richard Branson.

It's not because he's a billionaire (who really needs that much wealth anyway??). It's got nothing to do with owning his own island in the Caribbean (although you've got to admit that's pretty cool). And it definitely has nothing to do with the celebrity status he has been afforded (I happen to love being an anonymous member of society).

Why All The Fuss Around Blogging?

When I think of a 'blogger', the image of a trendy, young girl snapping pictures from her iPhone of her coffee and outfit for the day comes to mind, #bloggerbelike #morningslikethese. Although I've been in the industry for years and have worked with many bloggers, I still associate this mental picture when I hear the word 'blogger'. And I bet I'm not the only one! But now it seems like more and more business owners are starting their own blogs. Are they just trying to stay 'trendy' and appeal to this young millennial generation or is blogging truly important for business owners?