What if we could get a promotion every single day?

Employees wait.

They wait for their boss to extend a hand and pull them up to the next platform. 

It's called a promotion.

If the employee does their job well, hopefully it will be noticed by those in higher positions and they will be chosen for the next platform. 

The process can take years. 

When the employee eventually gets to where they desired for so long they must start the process all over again.

The view is always nicer the higher they go. 

The one constant is that the employee relies on one person or group of people to pull them up. 

They are at the mercy of someone else's actions/beliefs or an existing system of actions/beliefs.

It does not work this way when you go out on our own. 

The platform on which you stand is built by nobody but you. This platform must grow inch by inch from under us. The view does not change dramatically like it does for the employee who gets promoted. 

We must acknowledge this and take responsibility for building our own platform. Recognize the small achievements and treat these the same way the employee treats a promotion. 

When we look at growing our platform this way, we can achieve the same sense of accomplishment the employee gets from a promotion. 

The only difference is we can now be promoted EVERY SINGLE DAY.