Entrepreneurial Procrastination: The worst kind

Do you ever get that burning desire to do something great? Then, when push comes to shove, you find yourself nowhere near where you should be? You know, when you have something to accomplish but there's no real deadline?

You're full of enthusiasm and the thought of accomplishing "that great thing" gets you all giddy. 

You can see it, feel it, own it. It’s your idea, your ambition, your creation. At least in your mind anyway.

Then life happens, you find yourself watching Netflix, or playing Pokemon Go or whatever you're into. 

Days, weeks, months go by and every time you think about "that great thing" you find yourself choosing yet another non-productive task over working on your idea or plan. Those tasks, no matter how well you convince yourself otherwise, are NEVER going to get you "that great thing". 

This is entrepreneurial procrastination.  

It has no deadline. 

No master. 

No one to stop it from holding your life back. 

It has free rein to do whatever it wants. 

The simple pleasures it brings you are great..... in the short term anyway. 

Hanging out with your friends, going to "that festival", or "that play", or "that restaurant" or anything that satisfies your need for instant gratification. These are the things that are holding you back.

"That great thing" isn't going to come to you. You have to climb that mountain all by yourself. Entrepreneurial procrastination is what is standing between you and "that great thing". 

The first step to breaking through this prison is to acknowledge the behavior and admit that you're being held back by this……. let's call it a "condition"……….. and take action. 

Admit it to yourself and don't be shy about telling others. 

Tell them about "that great thing".

Tell them when and how you're going to accomplish "that great thing".

Be as specific as you can. 

The more people that know the better.

Once you’ve taken the first step by recognizing and admitting you have a problem, you can then begin to change your habits.

But how can I break out of this "condition" and achieve "that great thing"?? 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. No magic bullet. No free ride out of your procrastination bubble.

In the coming posts we’ll look at various practical solutions that anyone can use to break the grip that procrastination currently has over you. “That great thing” may be within your grasp very soon!

And if you have any practical advice on procrastination that you would like to share please contact us with your insights, we'd love to hear from you. 

PS:  If you are not a procrastinator and are looking for a great insight into the mind of a procrastinator, I recommend the TED Talk by Tim Urban. Every procrastinator can relate!)


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