Why you should stop trying

For the past few days I've been trying to write a blog post. Until now, I haven't written anything. Why's that? Because I committed to trying, I didn't commit to doing. It took me a few days to realize I had fallen into a procrastination trap. 

There is a huge difference between trying to do something and doing something. By trying to do something we are only committing to the attempt, not to actually completing the task. It's way easier and safer to say we will try and do something. This way we have an excuse if we fail. 

How many times do you hear someone say they are 'trying to lose weight', 'trying to quit smoking', 'trying to start a business'. Then the next week you see them bingeing on chocolate and chain smoking. You don't even ask what went wrong because you know the truth yourself, they never fully committed.

Trying is useless. By trying to do something, we are already allowing ourselves the possibility of failure. Remove this possibility completely, hold yourself accountable and start doing. Think about the big things in your life that you have accomplished. Did you try to do them, or was there a moment when you thought 'screw this, I'm actually going to do it'?

Make a decision now to stop trying. Decide upfront if this is something you will do or not and stick to your decision. You are no longer going to waste your time and effort trying. There will be no more 'trying to quit smoking', only 'I've quit smoking'. No more 'trying to lose weight', but 'I'm now a healthy person', no more 'trying to start a business' but 'I'm a business owner.'

Start taking note of every time you use the word 'try' and completely remove it from your vocabulary. No more trying, from now on, only doing. 

What will you stop trying to do today?

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