Raise the standard

We all have a minimum standard that we use to get by.

As long as we are meeting this standard, we are content. 

We constantly use it to make decisions, even if we don't realize it.

A young family with 2 small children may have a standard that includes a steady paycheck, food, shelter and clothing for the whole family.

They will not accept anything less than this. Anything less would be considered failure to them, and nobody wants to feel the burden of failure. It is a powerful motivator.

But what if the family raises their standard and now it includes sending the kids to great schools and going on regular family vacations?

Things that they always WANTED are now things that they always NEED.

These new NEEDS are now part of her subconscious. Every decision, every action and every thought will now have a different minimum required outcome.

Sometimes success comes by chance, and the standard is raised automatically. This is very rare.

If you have read a lot of biographies you will know that almost nobody becomes successful by chance. 

Even those that appear to have achieved overnight success spent years and years working on their business, their passion, or just their frame of mind. 

As the old saying goes; It takes 20 years to become an overnight success. 

Ask yourself what your standard is and start raising it. Start with one thing and grow from there. Don't accept anything less.

It can be something as small as making the bed as soon as you get up. You will have accomplished something within the first minute of starting your day.

Or perhaps you can raise your standard to include only healthy foods. The more you raise your standards the easier it will become. You will be accustomed to success, even if you're the only person that knows.

Once you get into this habit it can become incredibly addictive and rewarding.

You may find yourself attracting the best possible clients, improving your relationship or mastering a skill.

One small change will lead to two, and then five, and then ten. Before you know it, you will become more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Whatever it is you want, if you raise the standard you will start noticing results.