Changing your life, one decision at a time.

Every decision you have made in life has collectively led to the life you are living right now. Are you happy with this life? Are there parts of your life you wish you could change? Every decision you make today will affect your life tomorrow.

We are constantly making decisions. When we sit down to watch TV, we are deciding what information we want to feed our brains. When we order a drink, we are deciding what we want to consume. When we set our alarm, we are deciding how we want to start our morning. Most of these small decisions are made out of habit. We make choices in line with what we’ve done in the past and don’t give them much thought. But they all add up and reflect the life we are living right now.

Imagine how much your life would change if you started questioning each one of your decisions and started making smarter choices that are in line with your values. Spend some time to reflect on your values and write them down. Then look at your daily routine and how you prioritize your time. Is it in line with your values?

If you value education, what information are you consuming? Are you spending your free time watching documentaries and reading books or are you binge watching Netflix? If you value your health, are you spending time each day exercising and preparing healthy meals or are you running on coffee and takeout?

If we keep making decisions out of habit, we can’t expect our lives to improve. So start questioning every decision you make. Is it in line with your values and will it improve your life?

Start with the small decisions and see how your life improves over time.