How to pitch your social media services

After our blog post on 8 ways to make money while traveling, we received a lot of questions on how to pitch your social media services. In this post we dive into 3 important things to consider when pitching your social media services.


Show them what you can do

Instead of telling them what you can do for them, show them. Put together some example posts and show them what you're capable of. Make sure these are specific to the business you're contacting, e.g. a post about the benefits of a certain food they have on the menu. Give this to them for free and let them know that even if they don't hire you, they can still use everything you send them.


Reduce their risk

You can also ask them to commit to just the first month. Or even offer a free 2 week trial. Anything that reduces their risk is a good thing.


Show them the value

Whilst not all businesses want to pay for social media assistance, it is your job to show them the value in it. So instead of thinking of it as an expense, show them the possible return on investment you can provide. E.g., the cost in hiring you is x, but the value they will receive will be at least x + y. 

Also remember you are saving them time so that they can focus on what they do best, running their business.

The ultimate goal is to provide so much value that they will find it very difficult to say 'No' to you. Don't let them look at it is an additional expense but rather an investment in their business that will reap much more reward than your fee.