Does quitting your job sound risky? Change how you perceive risk.

Sarah earns a salary of 50K and she's living relatively comfortably.

She doesn't particularly like her job, but it provides the income needed for her life.

She decides that she wants more, that she wants to start a business and generate real value.

After a quick risk assessment Sarah concludes that by doing this for a year, her risk is her salary, 50K. 

Sarah ultimately decides to keep her job and not risk 50K.

But is that really the case? 

Would Sarah try her own thing for 12 months and gain absolutely zero from it?

Highly unlikely.... 

Unfortunately, risk is very subjective and most people view it the same way as Sarah.

Most of us see only the downside risk. Very few pay attention to the upside.

If Sarah stopped thinking about losing her 50K salary and started believing that she could make 100K on her own, all of a sudden she's risking 50K by staying at her job.

The risk is still 50K, but the result is the opposite.

This is a monumental shift in thinking about how we define risk. 

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and do what you've always wanted to do, then look no further than the upside risk.

The first year may not bring you the success you envision, but what about year 2, 3, 10....

Changing the way you view risk is one of the quickest ways to shift your mindset to a more open and ambitious one.


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