4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Performing

4 Reasons why your FB ads are not performing

So you've run some Facebook ads and you're not seeing the results. You might have even increased your daily budget thinking that you just need to reach more people. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners go through this same routine. They just can't seem to get a great response, no matter how many ads they run or how much money is spent. With so many businesses in the same boat, consumers are subject to dozens (even hundreds) of ads on social media every day. There is just no way they could be interested in all of them. Not to mention the average person would probably go broke if the purchased every product and service they see advertised on social media.

If you're experiencing the frustration of ads that aren't performing, don't panic. There are many possible reasons why your Facebook ads are not performing, reasons that don't require your credit card! 

Here are 4 possible reasons why your ads are not performing:


1. You're only running one-off ads

Are you guilty of creating a Facebook ad, posting it, and sitting back while you wait for the results? Sure, you could get lucky with a brilliant ad, selling your product or service that is experiencing a severe market shortage, but this is rare. Most businesses have to work hard to inform the consumer of the benefits of purchasing from them. This is why you need to be running multiple ads at once and testing which ones are performing. Change up the ads, one variable at a time. Try running the same ad with 3 different headlines, or 3 different images. Review the data after a few days and drop the ads that are performing the worst. You can take this a step further and run several different ad sets, each with a different theme/topic/product. Facebook offers a split-testing feature to really help you hone in on which ad sets are performing best, helping you decide which ads to keep and which to drop.


2. You're not using evergreen ads

Did you know that you can set up a series of ads within Facebook Power Editor that are shown to your audience one after the other? That means that someone who clicked on your first ad can then be shown a different ad every 'x' number of days. The number of ads and the time between seeing each new ad can be controlled by you. This is an example of evergreen ads. The benefit of these is that you can entice your audience in small steps rather than push for a quick sale in the very first ad. This brings us to the next point....


3. You're being too pushy

This directly relates to the content of your ad. The average Facebook user is not scrolling through their newsfeed looking for products or services to buy. It just doesn't work like that. Your ads selling your product or service are easily ignored by the vast majority of people who see them. Sure, you can play the numbers game by throwing more money towards advertising and increasing your audience reach. But that's doing nothing for your advertising objectives, unless of course your objective is making Mark Zuckerberg even richer. Instead, try offering something of value that solves a problem experienced by your target audience. There's one catch. It must be FREE. Yes, free. Think about it, how many times have you bought something through Facebook? And how many times have you signed up to something because it was free? This is why a free offering is one of the best ways to bring in new customers.

If this sounds a little crazy, or you're just not sure what you could offer, check out our free 7 Day Mini-Course where we explain how you can use a free offering to grow your sales online. You may be surprised at just how much you could be improving your advertising performance!


4. Your ads are too broad

This may seem obvious, but it is often misunderstood. You may have more than one target audience, and attempting to advertise to several audiences with the same ad may not be the best option for you. For example, a real estate agency advertising their agency to people in their local area could see much better engagement with their ads if they had one ad targeting buyers and another targeting sellers. Both of these groups have different requirements and can be helped by the agency in different ways, so why show them the same ad? Showing the same ad to all of your audience will mean advertising engagement and conversion rates remain lower than they should be, which just means your advertising costs are too high. Dig deeper into what each one of your target audiences is asking for and deliver this to them.