4 steps to reach potential customers when they need you the most

All of your customers are facing challenges in their lives, and your product or service, whatever it may be, can assist them in solving one or more of these problems. It is your job as a business owner to let them know just how much your product or service can benefit them. Sure, you can communicate this to them once they have found you. But by this stage, they have already established the problem, are searching for a solution and are usually weighing up their different options. Why wait for them to find you? Why aren’t you reaching out to them when they need you the most?

Social media provides business owners with the tools to reach customers right when they need your business or expertise the most. What do people do when they are facing a problem? They usually complain about it or reach out to their network for advice. These days, most of this occurs online through social media. This is when they need your business and will appreciate your advice and concern the most.

So how can you find these potential customers through social media?

An easy way is to simply type keywords into the search bar across social media platforms and find conversations that you can participate in.

Put yourself in the mind of your customers. What do you think they would be searching for when looking for advice on your industry? 

Say you run a massage therapy business and are located in Toronto, Canada. You could search for terms such as ‘massage’, ‘stressed’ or get even more specific and search for ‘need a massage’ or ‘recommend massage’.


Here is how it is done in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Type certain keywords related to your industry into the search bar. In the below example we are searching through Facebook but this can be done across multiple social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 7.25.03 PM.png

Step 2: Change the filters to search for specific locations and dates posted. In our example search we have selected Toronto and changed the date to November 2016.


Step 3: Find posts relating to your industry that you could contribute to. As you will see below the first post that has appeared in our search is a perfect example of an online conversation in which a massage therapist in Toronto could contribute to.

Step 4: Join the conversation by commenting on the post.


Tips for commenting

Be careful not to turn this into just a pitch for your business. Remember, people are constantly bombarded with ads and get tired of having products and services pushed at them. Instead, a great option is to surprise them with a free or discounted product or service. How nice would it be if you were having a stressful day to have a massage therapist reach out to you and offer you a massage for half price to help make your day better. If you were already posting about your horrible day on social media, don’t you think you would also want to share the good news with your friends? While the discount or free offering may come at a cost to your business, you will now have a new (and most likely loyal) customer who will be a great ambassador for your business, generating word-of-mouth and online referrals that are priceless. 

Another great option is to simply comment with helpful free advice. This will establish you as an expert in the industry who can be trusted. If they don't need your product or service right away, who do you think they will turn to the next time they need it? 


These conversations are happening all around you ONLINE. They present the perfect opportunity for you to reach potential customers right when they need your business the most. Don't miss out on this opportunity! What are you waiting for?

Give it a try and comment below letting us know how you go.