A simple way to get more done

For some people, being productive seems to comes naturally. For others, well, it's not so natural...

Fortunately we can learn from those who are more productive in a single day than most people are in an entire month!

One such person is Jerry Seinfeld. He revealed how he was able to take the simple act of joke writing, and use it to become the world's most successful comedian. 

He didn't set out to create the most popular sitcom of all time. He didn't set out to join the 0.1%. 

Instead, he committed to the process of writing jokes every single day, without fail. He knew that not every joke would be great. In fact, most of them were not great. But what he did understand is that if he wrote jokes every single day, there was bound to be a few crackers in amongst the not-so-funny jokes.

How did he stay so committed?

Easy. By using a single page 365 day calendar, put it on his wall, and marked an 'X' next to every day that he wrote his jokes.

Simple right?

The only rule is that you can't break the chain. Pick a task to complete every day. Put the calendar on a prominent wall and look at it whenever you walk past it. Once you have completed your task for the day, simply mark it on the calendar for that day. 

The longer you go, the prouder you will be, the more productive you will become, and the closer you will get to achieving your goals. 

Because we're so nice, we put together a one page calendar for you to download. You can get it here. Just in time for the new year!

Good luck!