Are you a people pleaser?

Do you like to please people? I know I do! Whether it’s my boyfriend, close friends, clients, family or someone I’m meeting for the first time at a party. I will always try to please or impress them by going above and beyond in what I can do to help them. As a business owner this is very important. Pleasing your current clients is key to building a lasting and solid business relationship and a crucial element in generating more referrals.

However, after travelling for the last month, I’ve had to mix up my routine. Finding time to work in amongst sightseeing, catching up with friends and family and attending two weddings truly forced me to prioritize what I was working on each day and take a long, hard look at where my energy was being spent.

Only now, am I starting to realize that there needs to be a balance between pleasing others and pleasing myself.

When I set out to start my business I had so many dreams of what I wanted it to become. Every day I am constantly coming up with new business ideas or projects that I want to work on. I schedule time in my calendar to work on them but something else always comes up and I re-schedule. After taking a hard look at my daily routine, it suddenly dawned on me that my business will never grow into what I want it to be and I will never become the person I want to be if I don’t dedicate time to working on myself and my own projects each day.

Would Steve Jobs have created the iPhone if he spent all his time trying to please his shareholders? Would Seth Godin be a guru blogger or best selling author if he had spent all his time writing for other people?

Instead of putting all our energy into pleasing others, schedule time each day to please yourself. Starting today I’m scheduling an hour each morning and evening to work on my own personal projects. I know as a people pleaser, this will be hard to do. Especially when you check your inbox in the morning and feel the urge to dive straight in. But don’t! Take an hour first to work on something for yourself. Commit to do this for just 21 days and see how much progress you’ve made at the end. If we don’t take time each day to work on our own dreams, who else will? We need to feed our dreams to keep them alive! Let me know how you find time to work on your own projects each day.