Did you accomplish your 2016 goals?

With the lead up to the holiday season and the new year it is easy to slack off. We start to reflect on the year that has gone and can often feel frustrated at the goals or resolutions we haven't yet accomplished. 'Why start now? I may as well just enjoy the rest of the year and start afresh again in the new year'. Or, 'There is enough going on now with the holiday season. I will leave this one until the new year'. Can you relate to this?

We are all guilty of doing this once in a while but it is important that we hold ourselves accountable. Take a step back and assess the situation. Ask yourself 'Why haven't I accomplished this goal yet?' There may very well be a perfectly good explanation. Perhaps your priorities shifted during the year and you accomplished some other major goals instead. But is your original goal still important to you? If so, then why aren't you prioritizing it?

Is there a reason you have delayed action? Perhaps you are afraid of failing or feeling uncomfortable? But will those feelings really change in the new year? Could this mentality of hiding from your fears and delaying action be what has stopped you from accomplishing your goals? If that is the case, chances are that if you leave your goal until the new year, you will end up in the exact same situation a year from now. This mentality has led you to where you are now, nothing is going to magically change at midnight on December 31st. 

For me this goal is writing. All year I have been trying to make time to write each day but other things always seem to come up. Now that I look back I can see that I didn't prioritize it. Some days writing is a breeze and my thoughts just flow. Other days it is extremely difficult and I feel frustrated and angry with my writing abilities. But I love writing and it is a big part of my long term goals. I know that the only way I will improve is to practice every day. So why haven't I been doing this? Fear of running out of things to write about, frustration when I can't seem to get the words out, fear that no one will like what I write. Yes, I have been busy but when I stop and reflect truthfully, it is all of these thoughts and feelings that have really been holding me back. These feelings aren't going to simply vanish at midnight on New Years Eve. So why wait until then? 

Face your fears head on and start today! Welcome the new year feeling proud that you are already on track to achieving your goals, rather than feeling guilty and rationalizing the year that has gone. 

What goal have you been delaying all year and do you have the guts to face it today?