Don't be the elephant

Don't be the elephant

Have you ever seen an adult elephant chained up? 

They usually have one of their legs chained to a concrete block in the ground.

That elephant leads a miserable life and can only venture as far as the chain will allow.

It's not a pretty sight. 

But, we are more like that elephant than we realize. 

You see, a full-grown elephant could quite easily pull the concrete block out of the ground. 

But they don't.


Because they learnt from when they were a baby that the chain is permanent. They didn't always accept the law of the chain though. In fact, when they are first chained up as babies they are constantly thrashing and pulling and stomping and doing whatever they can to break free. 

This goes on for about three weeks until the poor elephant accepts that they cannot break free.

They just don't yet have the strength to pull it out. 

As the elephant grows bigger they quickly develop the strength needed to rip the block right out of the ground. 

But they don't.

We've all heard the saying "an elephant never forgets". They never forget the pain of trying to break free for those three weeks. 

Unfortunately, humans are prone to holding those same limiting beliefs. 

Too many of us try, for an all too brief period of time, to break free from what's holding us back. Whether it be quitting your job and starting that business, putting yourself out there and asking that someone out or just saying "this is not working" and doing something completely life changing. Whatever it may be, most of us our bound by beliefs that limit us.

We are afraid to take a risk and pull that chain out. 

Most of us are programmed at a young age to take the path of least resistance. 

None of us grow up wanting a full time job. We grow up with dreams and ideas. If we dreamed of being a doctor, it was to save lives and help others. If we dreamed of being an astronaut, it was to fly up into outer space and look back on the world. If we dreamed of being a police officer, it was to be a hero and stop the bad guys. 

......Then we go to school. 

Not by choice, but because it's how our society is structured. We spend over a decade listening to an authority figure as they tell us what to do and what we "need" to know. 

We are not taught how to turn those dreams and ideas we had into reality. We are not taught how to set up a company or how to achieve financial independence. 

Most of us quickly lose sight of our dreams and ideas as they are replaced with structure and conformity. 

This is our chain. 

Then we grow up. 

The steady and reliable path of the 9 to 5 provides very little resistance. It's so much like school.

We know this path. 

It's straight. It's comfortable. It's easy.  

Once we realize that the structure and conformity ingrained in us all from a young age does not have to be our reality, we can then begin to construct our own reality. We can build our own mental structures. Conform to our own path. A path that will awaken our inner child and have us creating new dreams and ideas, just like we used to. A path that will have us looking back in our old age and saying "yeah, I sure did".

Don't be the elephant.