How to Ensure Your Facebook Posts Get Seen

How to ensure your FB posts get seen

Just because people "like" your Facebook page doesn't mean they will see your posts in their newsfeed. Facebook's algorithm that determines what is seen in newsfeeds is very complex and based on numerous factors, most importantly: how likely people are to engage with your post.

Every time you log in, Facebook reviews all the posts that it could display to you and assigns each post a relevancy score based on how likely you are to engage with them. Facebook's sorting algorithm then ranks each post by relevancy score and displays them in the order you see on your feed. The big disadvantage to business pages is that Facebook assigns a higher relevancy score to friends over businesses, making it harder for your posts to reach your audience.


So, how can you be certain your followers are seeing your posts?

The bad news is that unless your Facebook page already has a lot of traction and engagement, the only way to be certain your followers will see your posts is by spending money on boosting posts. The good news is that this can be done at an affordable rate and I'll show you how:

Step 1: Click on the dropdown arrow at the top right of your Facebook page and select 'Manage Ads'.

Manage Ads

Step 2: Click on the button with the 3 lines in the top left corner and select 'Power Editor'

(You can also create these ads from the current Ads Manager page but it's best to get used to using Power Editor as it allows for more features that you may need at a later date).

Power Editor

Step 3: Once in power editor, click on the 'Create Campaign' button in the top left corner.

Step 4: In this exercise we are aiming to get more exposure for your posts so select the objective 'Boost Your Posts', give your campaign a name and click 'continue'.

Step 5: This is where you tell Facebook the audience you want to reach with your boosted post. You can get VERY targeted here, however, for the point of this exercise we only want our current Facebook followers to see our post. If you want to reach all of your Facebook followers, set your age groups to 12 to 65+ and select all genders. If you'd like to only reach a segment of your followers, change these parameters accordingly. 


Step 6: Now this is where you will select your Facebook page followers. Click on 'Connections', Facebook pages, select 'People who like your page' and type in your business page name.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 6.53.31 PM.png

Step 7: Click on 'edit placement' and remove the 'right hand column'. You can leave Instagram enabled if you have a business Instagram account, it's up to you.

Advertising on the right hand column can be effective, however, in this exercise we are going to create an ad that will be shown to your followers a maximum of once per day. For this reason, it's best to ensure that we reach them in their feed where they are more engaged than in the right hand column.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.11.04 PM.png

Step 8: Set your daily budget. This will affect the amount of people you reach. Start with a small budget as a test first and build on this if necessary. For the purpose of this exercise we will set it to the lowest possible amount of $1 per day. 

Step 9: You can choose either to run your ad set continuously or set a start and end date. 

Step 10: Change your 'Optimization for Ad Delivery' to 'Daily Unique Reach'. 

Why Daily Unique Reach?

If you selected to optimize for post engagement, Facebook would display your post to your followers that are most likely to engage with it. This could mean that the same followers see your post over and over again whilst other followers don't see it at all. For the point of this exercise, we want to ensure that we are reaching as many of your followers as possible. By selecting to optimize for daily unique reach, Facebook will show your post to as many of your followers as possible, up to a maximum of once per day. 

Step 11: Leave your bid amount set to 'Automatic'. Give your ad set a name and click 'Continue'.


Step 12: Now this is where the fun begins and you create your post.

If you are wanting to promote a current post on your page: select 'Use Existing Post' and select the post you want to run under 'Select a Page Post'. 


If you are wanting to create a new post: select 'Create New Ad', choose your format, add your images and type in your text. 

Step 13: Click 'Place Order' and then 'Continue'. Facebook will now review your Ad and send you an email and/or Facebook notification to let you know once it has been approved.

Give it a try and see how much more engagement your posts receive! For as little as $1 per day, what do you have to lose?