I'm going to try something new and I challenge you to try it too!

Not everything in life is fun. How much of your day is spent doing tasks that you don't enjoy? Dealing with a difficult person, sitting in traffic or commuting to work, having to give a presentation or prepare for a meeting, doing your monthly accounting or housekeeping chores. Whatever the task is, how does it make you feel? Angry, uptight, anxious, frustrated? Do you avoid it for as long as possible or rush through it carelessly? Are you relieved once it's over? We can all relate to these feelings. But why do we continue to let these tasks get the better of us? We go through this cycle day after day, week after week, feeling these horrible feelings and just waiting for that sense of relief upon completion.

Of course, sometimes it is necessary to resent things as they motivate us to make change however if these tasks are necessary for your long term goals then we can at least find a way to enjoy or benefit from them in the process.

What would happen if we challenged ourselves to turn each of these tasks into something fun?

Each time you go to do a task that you don't enjoy, ask yourself "How can I turn this into something fun?" 

Perhaps you could listen to a podcast on your commute to work. You could look forward to your upcoming meeting or presentation, realizing that you will come out of it smarter. Use it to practice everything you have been learning and even challenge yourself to make the other person laugh. That difficult person you have been avoiding, I'm sure you could learn something of value from them. 

Don't aim to get the task over with so that you can feel that sense of relief, aim to finish the task feeling proud, accomplished and happy with how it went. Imagine if you finished every task feeling this way. It may be difficult at first but ask yourself this question enough and it will become habit. No longer will these tasks get the better of you. No longer will you have to go through this roller-coaster of emotions. You will spend every minute of every day doing things that you love. How much better would your life be then! 

So I'm challenging you to try this with me. Write this question down and place it around your house or workspace as a reminder. 

Either your life will become dramatically better or it will remain the same. What do you have to lose?