Instagram Pods

Maximize engagement with Instagram pods

Welcome to Insta Secrets Revealed by My Entrepreneur Life.

I'm so happy that you are interested in joining the Instagram 'podding' movement.

I posted a simple question in a few Facebook groups and the response I received from business owners was insane!

"Any entrepreneurs/business owners out there? I'm setting up an Instagram pod for Entrepreneurs. It's a collective group of cheerleaders + engagement boosters who want to see you and your business succeed. If you're keen to join, comment below with your Instagram handle and I will add you."

It became clear to me that there are so many business owners who are looking to collaborate and help each other grow, and succeed, on Instagram.

If you are looking to:

  • Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Support each other through engaging comments and likes
  • Give your Instagram posts a boost to reach more people
  • Maximize your Instagram engagement
  • Leverage this to increase sales for your business

...then you have come to the right place!





1. Request to join our closed Facebook group here

2. Look for posts relating to your industry, niche or even time zone and comment with your Instagram handle

3. Be on the lookout for a message to join your new pod. This will appear in the requested messages section of Instagram

Note: As Instagram will only allow a maximum of 15 people per pod, it's probably not worth commenting on a post in our Facebook group if 15 people have already commented. You would be better off creating your own post for a new pod instead. 



1. Request to join our closed Facebook group here

2. Once approved, post the following message in the group filling in your details as required:

"Hi Gang, I'm looking to start an Instagram pod with other fellow ___. If you would like to join, comment below with your Instagram handle and I will add you."

Note: It's good to create pods around specific industries, niches or even time zones.

3. Go to your Instagram feed and click on the mailbox symbol in the top right corner.

Instagram Message

4. Click '+ New Message'.

New message

5. Add the Instagram handle of everyone who commented on your post.
Note: you can only have a maximum of 15 members per group conversation

6. Give your group a name

7. Post a welcome message and instructions in your group. As you can only have a certain number of words per message, it's best to do this over two messages. Below is the welcome message and instructions I like to send. Feel free to copy them for your pod.

First message (welcome message):

Welcome all. We are your personal cheerleaders, here to help boost engagement for your business on Instagram. This is how the pod works: whenever someone in our pod posts to Instagram, we will all go 'like' and leave a comment on their latest post as soon as we can. Once you have posted on Instagram, come here and comment saying 'new post' with your favorite emoticon. We will all get to work!

Second message (instructions):

To get the most out of this pod, please try and follow the below rules:

1. Provide unique comments specific to the image

2. Use more than four words in your comments

3. Avoid generic comments or emoticon only comments.

Look forward to podding with you all. 


That's it!

Happy podding.