The Making of a Master Procrastinator

(This is a follow on from a previous post "Entrepreneurial Procrastination" where we looked at this wicked and cunning form of procrastination that is free to wreak havoc on your ambitions without a deadline. )

At school we could manage our procrastination quite easily. It went something like this: do nothing, do nothing, deadline approaching, do nothing, do nothing, oh sh*t it's due tomorrow! Panic monster steps in, assignment completed, subject passed.

Another win for procrastination. 

The above worked a treat during my 17 years of formal education.

And the reason for doing this for so long? 

Easy. It worked! 

Spending the least possible time nerding it up and the most possible time enjoying the student lifestyle. 

It was fun.

Then what? 

Then life happened. Despite all the last minute cramming before exams and the all-nighters to get an assignment submitted on time, I still got decent grades and a job in the best company. 

Like most jobs, they would provide the tasks to complete and I would complete them. There were no exams or assignments with deadlines. Life was good. 

Procrastination had paid sweet dividends and delivered the results in the laziest most efficient way. I was a master. 

Minimum effort, maximum result. 

The Panic Monster went into hibernation; it had fulfilled its purpose and earned itself an early retirement with a gold star.

Fast forward 7 years.

I was working for the same company in a higher position, now on the other side of the world. On the outside, it looked like I was doing well. Highly sought after company, working internationally, enough money to live comfortably and travel for 4-5 weeks a year. I was doing great by all standard measures of Western society. 

But for some reason it never felt like I was doing great. 

Something was missing. Doing what a company told me to do never felt right. I was helping others become wealthy (literally), but not myself. 

Life had reached a plateau.

Something had to give.

So I started a business. 


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