Never forget to be yourself…

How often do you get caught up in trying to be the ‘successful’ person you want to be that you forget to be yourself?

When I set out on a journey to start my own business three years ago I began reading every entrepreneur, business and sales book I could get my hands on. I thought if I followed the advice of those who were already successful and had already achieved their goals I would have a better chance of achieving mine. 

Everyone had good advice and before long I had a lengthy list of suggestions I was trying to incorporate into my daily routine. From personality qualities, mindsets, daily mantras, exercises and work routines to sales tactics, networking groups and social media platforms. I had a lot to work on in order to become ‘successful’ and this became very overwhelming. I felt like I had to become someone I wasn’t or as the saying goes ‘fake it until you make it’. I thought that if I faked it long enough I would eventually become the ‘successful’ person I wanted to be.

And I tried this for a while, until I had a mini meltdown…

Starting your own business comes with many mini meltdowns, and some not so mini, but these are beneficial and essential to the growth of your business. It’s a sign that things aren’t working the way they are and that you need to re-evaluate and make changes. Take this opportunity to adjust your approach and develop new ideas and strategies. This is the way to learn and develop into the successful person you want to be. By taking action, evaluating, adjusting and taking action again. Then performing this cycle over and over again.

No one can tell you how to become successful. What worked for one person, may not work for you. There are no one-size fits all approaches when it comes to success. You might think you’re unique because you’re an entrepreneur. You are doing something different to the majority of people working for someone else. This is true, but what sets you apart from the millions of other entrepreneurs out there? If we all followed the same entrepreneur or business advice, acted the same way, used the same sales tactics or had the same daily routine, what chance would we, or our businesses, have of being noticed? Yes, at My Entrepreneur Life we offer a lot of business advice. We want you to learn from our successes and failures. But take our advice and use your own personality, experiences and skills to make it your own!

No two lives are the same. Our experiences are what shape us. Yes you may have talents and skills similar to others but no one else has the exact same skill set, experience or mindset as you. Learn to identify what makes you unique and use this to your advantage. This is what sets you apart, gets you noticed and gives you a chance to bring change to the world.  Yes you can learn from others. Yes there are daily routines you can do to help stay organized and motivated. Yes you should be more confident in your abilities and yourself BUT in the midst of all this, never forget to be yourself. Never forget what sets you apart and never forget that you have a unique skill set that can help change someone else’s life.