Not Moving Forward? Perhaps It's Time to Raise Your Standard

Not Moving Forward? Perhaps It's Time to Raise Your Standard

I don't know how to succeed.

No one taught me.

You have to be extremely lucky or have lots of money.

It just doesn't happen to normal people.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Unfortunately 90% of people are bound by the same beliefs. They may have goals and aspirations but there's always a reason why it's not going to work out. 

We protect ourselves from risks by exaggerating them and creating a stable environment that provides us with enough to meet our standard of life.

So if you're wondering why you're not getting anywhere or moving forward, perhaps it's time to look at your standard for success. What do you want from life? Be specific. 


What is your standard of life?

If your standard of life is a stable job that pays for the rent, food and social life, that is what you will get.

If your standard is financial independence, you will be taking actions that push you towards this. 

We always find a way to remain at the level of our standard.

It's human nature. 


So, raise your standard.

The most successful 10% of people understand that when you raise your standard, your actions will begin to reflect this new standard. 

The most successful 1% of people take this one step further by constantly raising their standard. 

Note: Success does not refer to how rich someone is. Rich is just a measure of money. Success is measured by ones ability to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

Sit down for half an hour and really think about your ideal life. No distractions, just think. Is it where you are now, or would you be doing something else?

Then, once you can clearly picture your ideal life, you can start making plans to get there. 

Once you know what you are prepared to do, start making a list. List everything you would need to do to achieve your ideal life and then put the list in sequential order. Focus on the tasks that are most important to achieving your goals first. Which task would bring you closest to your ideal life? Do this one first. Then move on to the next most important, and continue this pattern. 

There will be immense pressure from within to stop. This is your minds way of protecting you from failure. Ignore it. It doesn't want you to succeed, it only wants you to be safe and secure. Keep going until you no longer feel this pressure.

Then keep going some more.

It's a slow process but you'll be so glad you went for it.

Ask yourself, are you in the 90% that never (or very rarely) changes their standard? Are you in the 10% that sets a high standard and works hard to get there? Or are you in the 1% that sets a high standard, gets there, then sets the standard even higher?