Overcoming Procrastination. Write down your excuses.

So you're a procrastinator....

You will do it, just not today. But it will definitely get done.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.... There's always a reason why tomorrow is better than today.

Sound familiar?

But how can we break this chain? 

A simple solution is to WRITE DOWN YOUR REASONS (or is that excuses??) for putting off what you know needs to get done if you're going to succeed. 

If you're trying to get fit you might have a plan to exercise 5 times a week. Until procrastination takes over and it's more like 1-2 times per week.

Sure there may be some legitimate excuses... errr REASONS for not exercising. But write them down. Every single time you skip exercising, write down why.

This not only forces our minds to justify our actions, it also allows us to visualize our procrastination. 

You may start to notice that some of the entries on your list are repeats.

A procrastinating habit is great at resetting the clock, at giving us a clean slate each day to continue the habit of putting off what we know we must do to achieve our goals.

Display your list somewhere you will see it regularly. Make a note of how many of those entries were legitimate reasons, and accept that the rest are just excuses. 

Having a plan is great but a procrastinator will always find a way out of it. Having a list of your procrastination adventures on full display may just be the catalyst you need to replace the habit of procrastination with the habit of action. Once action becomes the habit you won't even need to think about it. After all, that's exactly what a habit is!