Successful People Don't Have Jobs, They Have Obsessions

What would you do every day if you had unlimited funds? What are you obsessed with? Can you make a living out of your obsession? Have others made a living out of this obsession? 

Almost nothing in life is free. You have to work your ass off. Forget about sleeping in and Netflix, or whatever else doesn't help you. Focus on something you are obsessed with and how it can help others. 

You will make it work because you're willing to put more effort into it than anyone else. It won't even feel like effort because you're obsessed. You will be the master of that obsession. There will be people who need your skills and don't have the time to spend learning it themselves. First you specialize in something, then you dominate that something.  

Most of us can't put our lives on hold to focus on an obsession. It just doesn't work that way. So do yourself a favor and put aside time each day. Print out our 365 day calendar, put it on a wall and mark it off every single day after you've spent time building on your obsession. Try 30 minutes a day and then try 45 minutes. Then how about an hour? This is how Jerry Seinfeld went from a rather boring guy to one of the most successful comedians on Earth. He was obsessed with writing jokes. 

Good luck and feel free to drop us an email letting us know how it works. We love hearing from our readers.