The 3 Skills Necessary to Succeed as a Remote Worker

The 3 Skills Necessary to Succeed as a Digital Nomad

Are you wondering what skills are required to succeed as a remote worker?

For the last 2 years I have been on a life changing journey pursuing my passion to become a digital nomad. During my journey I have learnt a great deal about working remotely and the skills necessary to succeed as a remote worker.


The 3 Skills Necessary to Succeed as a Remote Worker:


1. Self motivation

Self motivation

Self motivation is the most important skill of them all. As a remote worker, you no longer have a boss looking over your shoulder ensuring that you stay focused and you no longer have a time that you physically need to be present somewhere. These two aspects of remote work are what make it incredibly appealing to some people but if you lack self motivation, it can be incredibly challenging. 

Even if you are self motivated, there will always be days where you struggle to stay focused. To help with this I have found it extremely important to have a greater goal to work towards and to use this to fuel your drive. 


2. Critical thinking

Critical thinking

Working remotely often means working alone or with fewer people. We often take for granted how helpful it can be to have a team of people around to bounce ideas off until it is just you and your computer. Of course you can always reach out to digital communities but sometimes you just need a quick opinion. Critical thinking is a vital skill in being able to assess situations and make decisions quickly when on your own.


3. Good communication skills

Communication skills

Whether you are working remotely for an organization, are a freelancer or run your own business you will need good communication skills. Virtual communication becomes a crucial part of your day-to-day work and whilst Facetime and other tools make it possible to talk face-to-face, it can still be difficult to demonstrate your work without being in person. Plus, technology does not always behave, sometimes making it problematic to get a good connection. In these times you will need to rely solely on your communication skills.


Whilst these skills are absolutely essential if you want to work remotely, they are also assets that would be beneficial to any type of career and I believe everyone should work towards obtaining.

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