Why a Complaining Customer is The Best Customer

Everyone is lying.

Well, maybe not "lying", but they're not telling the truth.

How many times have you eaten at a restaurant and you didn't like the food? Did the wait staff ask you how the meal is? What did you say?

The majority of people would not have said that they didn't like the meal. They would have told the wait staff the meal was great and saved their honest opinion for when there were no staff within hearing distance.

But why is this?

Is it fear of offending the establishment? Is it being "nice" to say the meal was great when it really wasn't?

Which scenario do you think the business owner would appreciate more:

Scenario 1: the customer says their meal is great and they lose customers because no one is willing to tell them it isn't, 


Scenario 2: the customer says the meal was below standard and the restaurant is able to use that feedback to improve the meal and retain more customers.

The answer to this is pretty obvious.

As business owners we should do everything we can to encourage our clients/customers to provide honest feedback and treat them like they've just given you some great free business advice from which you can base your decisions. 

As consumers we can start practicing giving honest feedback. The business owners that understand the value you are providing them may even reward you for it.