You Want to Boost Your Social Media Engagement, So Why Aren't You Learning More About Photography?

So you want to boost your social media engagement. You are posting more frequently and maybe even blogging. You've been learning more about social media, how it works and how to use it to connect with potential customers, but why aren't you also learning about photography?

Research shows that posts with images receive 2.5X more engagement on Facebook than those without. The growing popularity of social media platforms that are based primarily around photos such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat is also a huge signal that people love photos.

So how can you get your photos to stand out amongst all the other photos circulating social media? 

By learning more about photography, even just a few basic tricks, you can greatly improve the photos you are posting online and in return, increase your engagement.

We've put together a FREE guide - The 5 Minute Guide To Boost Your Social Media Engagement With Better Photos, that covers some basic principles of composition and editing. This guide can be followed using any camera and any free photo editing program. So give it a try, post your new photos and see how your engagement improves.